Lera Tiberini PC is continuing to actively provide legal services to clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, pursuant to the recent stay at home orders, we are working remotely to assure your safety and the safety of our employees, and we have replaced in person meetings, including document executions, with video and telephonic conferences. We appreciate your continued business and the opportunity to provide you with the assistance you need.

Trust and Estate Litigation


Trust and Estate Litigation

Absolutely no one wants to get mixed up in trust and estate litigation. Unlike many other legal disputes, these disputes can be emotionally draining and expensive. If you are sued as a trustee, we can defend your conduct, protect you and craft solutions that resolve disharmony. If you are a beneficiary, we can advance and protect your rights, assure accountability, and further your interests. Although we can and will when necessary throw punches as good or better than the best trust litigators in the state, we are sensitive to family issues that can taint these types of litigations, and we will always give you our candid and unbiased assessment of your case. We will come on strong when we feel it will be effective, and we will offer early solutions, such as mediation, in order to reduce your attorneys’ fees and costs and obtain a certain and acceptable outcome when appropriate. Our goal is to advance your interests and resolve your matter in a manner that is fair and reasonable, not to unnecessarily perpetuate the dispute to further our own economic interests. We are strategic and calculating, and we use our legal expertise to your advantage. Our clients love us as litigators, and they appreciate our advice and perspective, as well as our legal expertise.

Our services include all aspects of trust and estate litigation, including will and trust contests, contested matters under Probate Code 850 and 17200, beneficiary/trustee disputes, accounting issues, settlement agreements, discovery, mediation, and other contested probate proceedings.