Lera Tiberini PC is continuing to actively provide legal services to clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, pursuant to the recent stay at home orders, we are working remotely to assure your safety and the safety of our employees, and we have replaced in person meetings, including document executions, with video and telephonic conferences. We appreciate your continued business and the opportunity to provide you with the assistance you need.

Business Succession


Business Succession

Lera Tiberini offers a full range of business succession planning services. Whether your business is family owned by a consortium of cousins or you are in a partnership of unrelated persons, we understand that your business is personal.

Our attorneys are versed in buy-sell and cross purchase agreements as well as liquidity planning that can sometimes be necessary in certain situations. We understand the difficulties that can arise when a business owner, whether a shareholder or a sole proprietor, dies. We can help you plan for these events and assure a smooth ownership transition as well as liquidity for your loved ones.

We are also particularly passionate about business succession planning for family-owned businesses and we are proud to be part of a planning team committed to the perpetuation of family businesses. Because of this passion, we have developed a keen understanding of both the technical and practical planning issues which can threaten the very existence of a family owned business from one generation to the next. We truly understand that it can be hard to separate the boardroom table from the dinner table, and we are sensitive that family relationship issues can spill over into business succession planning. Our goal is to acknowledge and understand these issues and work with you and your family to design a plan that will result in the best chance of a successful transition of both ownership and management from generation to generation while always preserving family relationships.